The Collective

El Departamento de la Comida is a decentralized collective, with pollinators, collaborating projects in and out of Puerto Rico, a core team, and many people and plants that support the work at all stages. Rather than depend on grants or donations only, we believe in participating within our local food and farming economy by offering services, working at events, and showing up.


Tara Rodríguez Besosa

CO-FOUNDER / Co-Director


Tara (she/they), born and raised in Puerto Rico. Organizer, entrepreneur, and living resource within the sustainable food and agroecology movements, for the past decade with El Departamento de la Comida, they have increased access to local food economies, spotlighting the value of farmers within economic transitions from extractive to regenerative practices, weaving a web of consumers, cooks, restaurants, environmental organizations, policy makers, farms, community gardens, artists, and elders, that together are decolonizing Puerto Rico through its food.

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Kieran Murray



Kieran Murray (he/his) is an artist and activist based in Puerto Rico. He is a co-director of El Departamento de la Comida and a member of PISO Proyecto, a collective that uses dance/movement as a way of healing within community.

Before moving to Puerto Rico in 2018, Kieran worked in NYC at start-ups like MikMak and Everlane. In his role at MikMak, he created BuzzFeed’s first video-shopping articles and designed Instagram campaigns for brands like Zappos, Lancome, Under Armour, Bose, Dollar Shave Club, and more.

Kieran’s work, though wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, is unified by an approach that he refers to as “queer practice”. Queer practice includes any methodology that questions existing power structures in order to create more possibilities for more people.

Kieran currently performs in drag as Kiki Slugqueen and collaborates on other multi-disciplinary art projects whenever he can.

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Board Members:

Lauri Noya, PR

Ora Wise, NYC

Patricia Rodríguez, PR


Pro-Bono Lawyers:

The University of Buffalo’s Legal Clinic

Kim Diana Connolly, Director, Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Clinic


Partner Group:

The Wildfire Project



Lex Barlowe

Carite 3.0 

Finca Pajuil

Jardín Ecológico San Salvador

Dartmouth College Center for Social Impact

Bianca Rivera

Emma Walls

Carmen Maria Ponce 

Sarika Sajja